Thursday, September 22, 2005

The hair, part II

Just had to share some thoughts on bad hair displayed by others, including:

-- The guy at a local supermarket with the world's most amazing combover. His jet-black hair is totally absent except at the fringes, so it's about a foot long on one side and it wraps all ALL THE WAY AROUND IN A CIRCLE to cover the sides and then swirls onto the top like a soft-serve ice cream cone. It's like encountering a car accident: horrifying but impossible to look away from.

-- James Traficant, Buddy Cianci and Trent Lott -- noxious politicians with even more noxious toupees. Do they actually think they're FOOLING anyone?

-- Our former housecleaner in the South, a man also with a rug on his head but one that cost a lot less than the guys mentioned above, so it looked even rattier and didn't come close to matching what was left of his own hair.

I'm the last person who ought to give fashion advice, but -- guys, really, going bald doesn't make you less sexy or personable. It happens to most men sooner or later, after all. If you're really bothered by it, shave your head, but do not degrade yourselves and embarrass the general public (at least not with your hair).

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