Monday, January 03, 2011

Can cancer treatment be funny? With enough farts, yes.

This can be verified by reading Steam Me Up, Kid (the same genius who brought you the classic Adventure of a Lifetime, Now With More Lethargy).

* * *

First day back at work after Christmas vay-cay. We basically slept our asses off and watched a shitload of TV, because we're an active, on-the-go family like that. But not jusst any TV -- high-quality streaming Netflix (thanks for the Roku box, Chanukkah bunny!) including, most recently, "Grumpy Old Men" (Burgess Meredith as Jack Lemmon's horny old father: "Looks like he's taking old One-Eye to the optometrist!") and season 1 of "Soap," which I'd never seen. LOVE the young Billy Crystal, though I was expecting his character to be a cross-dresser or something more flamboyant -- based, I guess, on my vague memory at the time of how controversial the show was. Ironically, Wikipedia says it was attacked by conservative Christians (no surprise there) but also by gay groups who felt the character reinforced negative stereotypes because he wanted to get a sex-change operation. Actually he's neither self-hating nor stereotypically swishy, so the show was in fact ahead of its time. The scenes with Harold Gould in the hospital after Jodie tries to kill himself are very moving.

We even did a few things that involved not sitting on the couch. We went tubing for an hour and a half (the snow was slow and wet) and did some bowling and gaming at the arcade, where I DOMINATED at Centipede* (six of the ten high scores -- oh yeah!) but also burned my tongue on onion rings. Still hurts. Over parts of two days, Ben and I went through boxes of random papers that we'd lugged around through several house moves while the kids played an extended game that involved throwing everything in Becky's closet onto the floor and turning it into one big multi-level dollhouse. I should take a picture, right?

* I'm proud to admit that I went to the Maine state championships in Centipede when I was in college. Got a T-shirt and everything. Because I was all into studying and hoarding my quarters for laundry and giving to the less fortunate and stuff.

* * *

Bad acid trip or a hallucination by a drug-free but B-vitamin-deficient starvation victim in the subway on the way to work?

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Steam Me Up, Kid said...

State championships in Centipede? Hot damn, that's impressive. I don't even mean that sarcastically.


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