Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bathroom tissue, bedroom tissues and sleeping children

Funny how running out of toilet paper brings out the poet in some people.

* * *

Things I noticed about the kids this morning:

1. Sarah was sleeping with just the top sheet over her (never a comforter, even in winter), curled up on her front with her butt in the air and knees almost to her chin. This position was extremely cute when she was a baby in a one-piece sleeper and it still is. I hated to wake her, especially since she hates waking up. Starting at about three months, she's fallen asleep quickly and slept soundly for at least 10 hours at night -- lucky us.Which reminds me of something that happened around the time she had just started to sit up on her own. One night I heard her on the baby monitor uncharacteristically fussing after we'd put her in her crib -- not outright crying, but still. Finally she was quiet. An hour or two later I went in to check on her and found her sound asleep sitting up in her crib, leaning over with her forehead resting on the crib bars. Seems she's sat up but couldn't figure out how to lie down again.

2. Becky was buried under her comforter, bed full of junk (books, used Kleenex, clock radio, several hundred stuffed animals). I lay down next to her and gazed at the window-art creations (panda, dog, etc.) she made from a kit several weeks ago -- except today for the first time, I noticed that they all had circles around the heads -- black lines of goo she apparently added after they were already attached to the window . I woke Becky up and asked her what gives. "Space helmets," she answered sleepily. Of course.

* * *

Who are Ike and Zeke Leerly, Meg Meehan Hoffa and C. Bigby Heinz? They all work for Car Talk. Of course.

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Odie Langley said...

I can't get that position you described out of my head. Seems it would be uncomfortable but cute.


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