Monday, May 03, 2010

Sorta glad I'm done dating...

...after reading these personal ads.

* * *

Awesome weekend: the town garlic mustard pull on a beautiful Saturday morning... then an afternoon of fun with friends grilling, sipping beer and finding out that Ben is ridiculously good at Chuck-O... then a date night seeing "The Secret in Their Eyes," which was fabulous and which reminded me why I used to love to go to movies (still love to, just never do). The only slight flaw in a perfect evening was my cell phone buzzing repeatedly in my pocket -- tearful calls from Sarah missing us (combination of a new sitter and us having no lives and thus not having had any sitter for ages). On the other hand, we didn't go completely broke (the main reason we never see movies) because we skipped dinner due to the afternoon BBQ, and the sitter was a teenager who charged only $10 an hour. Yeah, only. Goddamn inflation.

So then yesterday it was even more beautiful. We took the kids to Hebrew school and Ben asked around to see if any of the other families wanted to come over in the afternoon. Turns out all of them did, so we had an impromptu cookout and sprinkler-fest for 18 (10 kids, 8 adults). It was basically everyone in our synagogue circle that we like: I&N (sociology professor and nurse), T&R (computer programmer and overqualified SAHM), D minus L (school psychologist), J minus J (some sort of financial-services job), and O (financial journalist).

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