Friday, August 14, 2009

Endings, both actual and averted

For some time up until last week, I was having a private contest with myself (private because it's tasteless even for me) as to who would die first, Ted Kennedy or Jerry Remy. As the world knows, Ted has brain cancer; Remy is a beloved sports broadcaster and former second basemen for the Red Sox who had lung cancer surgery over the winter, started working again in the spring (albeit about 20 pounds lighter), then went on leave with a mysterious infection that lasted months beyond when it should have either been cured or finished him off. He didn't admit to the cancer initially, so I figured the "infection" was actually extended chemo and circling the drain from the advancing disease.

Turns out Remy is actually fine physically but has been suffering from a crippling depression. He appeared briefly during the Sox game a couple of days ago and was very upfront about everything. He looked healthy but his voice had a slight tremor from the ongoing depression, his nervousness on the occasion, or both. I'm glad that he's not dying of cancer and a bit ashamed I thought it was a conspiracy to keep us fans from The Truth.

Meanwhile, a Kennedy did die this week, but it wasn't Ted, it was his sister Eunice. The funeral was yesterday, so today's Globe had all the young Kennedys and Shrivers gathered around her coffin. Boy there sure is a strong Kennedy "look" among both men and women. Eunice herself had it as a young woman -- in this old photo she looks exactly like her brother Robert with lipstick -- though as she got old, she morphed into a sort of anorexic Katharine Hepburn lookalike. Is she not the skinniest woman you've ever seen? The still photo doesn't do justice; I saw TV clips of her walking around and was amazed. Give that woman a big plate of corned beef and buttered potatoes, stat!

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