Monday, February 02, 2009

The WTF blanket

The sad thing is, I actually coveted one of these, but now I'm far too embarrassed

Yes, I now own the Snuggie! Because... I admit it. I asked for it from my stepmother for Christmas/Hanukkah and it just now arrived. And I'm not ashamed. Well, maybe a little (I asked for it before I saw the hilarious video below). I haven't put the Snuggie on my body yet, but you can be sure I won't except in the privacy of my own home with only immediate family within sight. Because you know? I like to be warm on the couch, even if I do look like a retard.

Another recent amusement: the "diary" of Joe Torre, former Yankees manager.

1 comment:

Karen Olson said...

Chris and Julia keep threatening me to get this for me. What's the difference between this a putting on a robe backward?


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