Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back on line

I had a couple of posts started but they kept appearing in Hindi, for God's sake. Much investigation revealed that deep in the bowels on this blog, SOMEHOW a setting got turned on that said "enable transliteration." So now we're good to go, but I couldn't recover the bits I'd written before, so there will be blatherings about the inauguration etc. as soon as I recover my equilibrium as well as the digestive-tract health of the entire family (three of us dwelt in the House of Heaves earlier this week, and I'm now at home with Sarah, the last to succumb). More soon.

1 comment:

niobe said...

Oooh.... maybe I should try posting in Hindi. I bet it looks uber-cool.

(on another note, my verification word is: thsucki. Do you think the internet gods are trying to tell me something?)


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