Friday, December 05, 2008

Stumbling upon things

I've recently discovered StumbleUpon and have already wasted many happy hours with it. Some great yields:
...and I'm going to recommend Obama Victory plates on StumbleUpon even though it's not intentionally funny, but it's oh so America. (Be sure to have your speakers on to hear the ludicrous voice-over.) Get 'em while supplies last!

...and the most recent Mimi Smartypants, whose young daughter Nora was recently doing some sort of art project:

Nora: MOM! Do we have any of those, those, those things that make spinning happen?

Me: [Percocet? Stationary bicycles? Colonial Williamsburg?] Sorry, what?
Nora: The metal things! With the sides!
Me: Can you explain more...
Nora: AHHHHHHH! [runs away as I am clearly too dumb to live]

[blessed silence punctuated by faint rummaging sounds and exasperated noises from the kid's room]

Nora [comes running out of her room carrying some of those metal paper-fastener brad things]: THESE.
Me: Oh. No, I don't think I have any, but I'm glad you did. If you need them.
Nora: I do! Luckily I found some in my collection of Small Metal Things. You know, that shoebox? The orange one?
Me: Uh, sure.

More later on the woeful state of the newspaper industry, but not just now. It's Friday, dammit.

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