Friday, November 07, 2008

Still basking

Some more thoughts on Obama's historic election...
Suppose McCain had won. Would the national reaction and mood (as dictated by those who voted for him) be anything like what were seeing now? Hell no, because let's face it, no one was excited about McCain. Larry King asked Bill Maher, "Did the McCain campaign -- I know you admired him in the past -- did it disappoint you?" Maher's reply: "Terribly. I think it even disappointed the people who were voting for him. I sensed something in conservatives reacting to the election yesterday. Even the ones who voted for McCain, they sort of were relieved. I sensed that. It was like, 'yes, I guess I kind of had to pull the lever for McCain, but secretly a part of me knew that this country needed a breath of fresh air, needed a new kind of president, a new kind of politics, a new face, a smart guy, a flexible guy, a supple leader.'"

Very interested now to see who gets picked for top administration spots. So far the only one announced is Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff. I'm a little nervous because he's a pretty partisan guy even though I'm on his side. I hope the usual rhetoic of "let's leave campaign partisanship behind and heal the nation, blah blah blah" isn't just the usual empty rhetoric.

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