Friday, October 31, 2008

Overcoming guilt not posting for so long. So very busy... but here I am. Sort of ironic that I went to BlogHer Boston to get all sorts of ideas an motivation for a blog, and since then I've written zilch. Maybe because actually I was more intimidated than inspired. There were a lot of interesting people there, and reasonably interesting panel discussions, but most of these folks were SERIOUS about blogging. Only a few did it close to full-time, but they are heavily into hit-tracking, multiple blogs and sites, networking online with other bloggers, handing out beautifully designed business cards for their sites, etc., etc. The only networking I do is with people who already know me in real life, so... whatever. Actually I'm mulling one or two new writing ideas, but HA! As if, given my copious free time and legendary self-discipline, but I can always dream, can't I? Anyway, just so I can finally throw away the business cards that have been smooshing around the bottom of my backpack, the people I met included Christine Koh of BostonMamas, Catherine Connors of Her Bad Mother, Lydia Walshin of The Perfect Pantry, Megin Hatch of, Chelsee Adams and Sue Anderson of We Are Not Martha, Candelaria Silva, and Angela of Mommy Bytes. Don't ask me to recognize them on the street or anything. But they did have some fun giveaways including a lovely set of terrycloth slippers courtesy of Yahoo Shine. I almost felt like a real convention-goer except I didn't booze it up at any after-dinner parties (actually I got bored and left mid-afternoon).

Four days until the election and we can stop obsessing over stupid stupid Palin and McCain and Ben's right-wing relatives, and start seeing what horrendous damage Bush is doing on his way out the door.

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Angela at mommy bytes said...

Hey I would recognize you! Nice meeting you at BlogHer and hope to see you again.


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