Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The things you learn about people!

Joy Unexpected, one of the blogs I read regularly, recently held a contest where entrants had to say one random thing about themselves. Here are some of my favorite entries (you can see all of them here):
  • I am addicted to Yahtzee.
  • I have an unnatural fear of eucalyptus trees.
  • The summer after my freshman year in college, I had a hairdresser die in the middle of my haircut.
  • I am 35 but still have three baby teeth in my mouth. There are no adult teeth to take their place. I am supposed to use a child's toothbrush to brush them but seldom do.
  • I married my ex-boyfriend's ex-wife's ex-husband.
  • I hope that my son is gay so that his boyfriends will go shopping with me, and have me over for dinner. I have it all planned out.
  • I've cut off three of the fingers on my right hand. In separate incidents. And by "cut off" I mean severed. All have been re-attached and are (relatively) functional.
  • I've always wanted to be feisty. I'm working on that now.
  • I enjoy eating large blocks of cheese and then asking my boyfriend to identify the cheese while I burp in his face.
  • My tattoos are my grandkids' footprints, names and dates of birth.
  • Sometimes I like to give myself wedgies.
  • I can stop hiccuping on command.
  • I have not had bean dip in ten years.
  • Every single time I take socks out of the dryer I pray that I don't find a potato bug on them.
Almost makes me feel normal. But not really, because then something like this happens: except maybe for male teenagers, I'm probably the only person who spontaneously cracks up at the sight of this ad, which to my mind clearly depicts someone performing an act on defenseless poultry that normally doesn't go on in nice suburban kitchens (though we can't rule out the possibility that the turkey is enjoying it and who are we to pass judgment?):

Go ahead -- it's safe 'n tasty!

I guess it's not news to anyone who knows me that my sense of humor stopped evolving sometime around freshman year in college.

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