Monday, October 29, 2007

Winter is officially here, but it was a great summer

The Series
Sox win Series in sweep. The Rockies never knew what hit them. Read all about it.

He opts out of his Yankees contract at $25 million per (and reportedly an offer of an extension at around $30 million per) because he apparently thinks he can get more money elsewhere. Or because his trusted agent Scott Boras has been huffing nitrous nonstop these past few weeks. Hard to say at this point. Oh yeah, and Boras announces it in the 8th inning of Game 4, pissing absolutely everybody off but getting maximum attention, which was always his plan despite his disingenuous apology afterwards.

The rolling rally
We walked to Mass. Ave. and Boylston and were rewarded by duck boats, confetti and our heroes backlit by a warm autumn sun. Paps was dancing on the Dropkick Murphys flatbed truck. I cheered wildly when I saw Jacoby Ellsbury, Theo Epstein, Terry Francona, John Henry, Kevin Youkilis, Tim Wakefield, Oil Can Boyd (whom I couldn't actually see, but his name card was on the old-timers duck boat), Daisuke Matsuzaka, Bobby Kielty, and of course Big Papi, who was holding the World Series trophy, which I didn't realize until seeing it in person is gold and not silver, as it appears on TV. I took some truly lousy photos with my Treo, aiming blind from my outstretched arm and shooting into the sun, but who cares. There were three boys pushing to see in front of us, which was actually kind of cute, and I enjoyed the closeup view of the confetti that landed in the sweatshirt hood of one of them. It was a really nice time and also felt like closure because I missed the 2004 parade.

Ellsbury, oh my God. As a player, the word "electric" is completely justifiable, both offensively and defensively. And as for the other stuff, as a female friend of mine said today, "God, if this 51-year-old woman thinks he's this adorable, the teenage girls must be absolutely wetting their pants." My response was enthusiastic agreement, something about "wanting to press him to my bosom." And Mike Lowell, World Series MVP – the perfect package of cuteness, class, personality and great playing ability.

See Lowell and Ellsbury above, as well as Josh Beckett, Dustin Pedroia, and of course Jonathan "Manly, Yes, But I Like It Too" Papelbon. NOT clutch: Roger Clemens. A-Rod (4-for-47 with no RBIs in his last 14 postseason games).

A bit of sadness
Yesterday was the last entry for the Fair and Foul blog. I'll have to go back and read all the archives now, since I discovered it so late. Highlights of today's final post: #2 and #3, as well as sobering thought #9.

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summer61 said...

Great post, great links. Poor, poor Mr. Met. And that Fair and Foul guy rocks.


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