Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kitty of death

Loved the article in today's Globe abut the death-sensing cat. He lives in a nursing home and jumps on the beds of patients who are about to pop their clogs -- not those with a simple case of the dwindles (which would be pretty much all of them) or just starting to circle the drain.
"Oscar makes regular 'inspection' rounds of the unit, sauntering in and out of patient rooms -- as if checking on the condition of the occupants. But he never joins them for a snooze.


"He only shows great interest in individuals when they are about to die," said Dosa.

"Sounds like a pretty scary cat -- I'm surprised people don't hold up crucifixes when it enters a room," Dodman said jokingly, referring to the belief that a Christian cross will deter vampires.

It's touching and morbidly funny at the same time. The staff love it because they know when Oscar jumps on a bed, it's time to call the relatives toute de suite to say goodbye.

Images courtesy of this most excellent web site.

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