Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ayuh... and more on religion, sort of

We had a great weekend in Boothbay, Maine last weekend. The 'rents treated us to two nights in a suite at the Tugboat Inn (yes, the restaurant is partly made of a real tugboat that apparently could have used a better GPS system) and a trip on their boat, plus a side trip to Reid State Park, where the girls had a blast scampering away from the waves. Even more exciting was when a guy standing next to us who was surf-casting caught a small striped bass and pretneded to make it kiss his son before throwing it back (the fish, not the kid). An unexpected bonus was the Maine State Aquarium, which is only one room but very cool. They have one tank where you can pick up starfish and lobsters, and another wherer you can touch dogfish, which are small sharks who stcik their noses out of the water like, well, like dogs. Apparently they get some sort of cheap thrill from the slight electric current passing through a person's finger. Then they gave a kids' presentation about lobstering that was really interesting. We came away enriched by two more stuffed animals as well as our new knowledge of how to trap lobsters, check their size and put those rubber bands on their claws.

David Ortiz hit yet another walkoff homer the other night -- he went to bat with two men on and the Sox down by two runs in the bottom of the ninth. This prompted a funny post on Wall Ball Single:

"It’s blasphemous, insulting and more than a little bit silly. The mere mention of Ortiz and God in the same sentence is an affront to some people’s most deeply held beliefs. So let’s end the comparisons now. After all, how many walk off home runs does God have? That’s right. You heard Jose, the comparisons need to end not because they diminish God, but because they diminish Ortiz. Sure God created the world in seven days (note: not really), killed everyone in a flood and sent his only son to be tortured death by Mel Gibson, all of which is very impressive, but not half as impressive as NINE WALK OFF HOME RUNS IN THREE YEARS. And by the way, has anyone seen images of Ortiz or his mother appearing in their oatmeal or an oil stain yet? Just wondering."

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