Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Turning our attention to the Red Sox

The Sox lost in classic fashion last night, with Julian Tavarez giving up a walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the 11th to lose to the Twins. This was disheartening because my softball team had just won 12-11, nearly blowing it after going into the last half-inning with a five-run cushion. But returning to the Red Sox, Wall Ball Single pointed out today that Tavarez should start spelling his first name "Julienne" -- "not because it is effeminate or anything like that... [but] because all season he's been getting shredded." So true. WBS also has a great seriocomic look at baseball and racism in Boston.

Heavy Breathing Dept.: I finally convinced my boss to give me a Mac (iMac G5 but not with the new dual processor but who cares). YEAAAH, baby! Love the 20-inch screen, love iCal/Address Book/iPhoto, the widgets, love not having to grapple in the dark under my desk to find a USB port or CD drive in a separate CPU on the floor... and Safari is nice to come home to, though I was pretty happy with Firefox, which I switched to some months ago since IE is the biggest piece of junk on the planet.

So that was one cause for Happiness Hyperventilation. The other recent occasion was when I was browsing web sites relating to the current and original versions of "The Poseidon Adventure" (compare and contrast, class -- discuss!) and I happened upon a discussion by a fan of the DVD of the original. I paid very little attention because DUH! of course I got the DVD years ago, but then I noticed the person was talking about all kinds of interesting stuff that made it sound like -- my God, could it be? -- they had released a "special edition" version of the DVD with lots of extras on a second disc. With trembling fingers I maneuvered my mouse to the link, and there it was! My pulse rate actually went up as I perused the extras: nine featurettes, the original trailer, storyboards, commentary by some of the stars and the director... boy! Talk about a "Buy now with 1-Click" no-brainer! The treasure arrived a few days later. I opened the box and gently fondled the reproduction lobby cards, but I haven't popped the disc into the DVD player yet. I have to wait until the moment is right. And when that time comes, I'll know it in my heart. And of course I'll bore the Internet with my impressions. Until then, it's a tiny, shiny gold nugget in our cabinet, just waiting.

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