Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Taking care of business

I thought when they handed me that master’s diploma that I was done with homework forever -- wheee! Wrong. The reason I haven’t posted in a while is because I have a new part-time job: Children’s Project Manager and Social Coordinator. Part 1 involves tracking and shepherding homework, including (a) assisting in the assembly of multimedia for “I Am Special” preschool autobiography project, and (b) oversight of spouse’s labors on “100 Things” kindergarten project where 100 items have to be gathered and affixed to a large piece of paper as an educational experience about quantities, sets of 10 and the benefits of packing tape. Part 2 of my new job requires that I make RSVP phone calls to the 793 birthday parties each child has been invited to over the next month, write them on the calendar, purchase presents and cards, wrap ’em and then attend the actual parties with children, trying not to turn into a blimp from the copious quantities of pizza, cake and ice cream. Oh, and there was also the pile of Valentine’s Day cards to write classmates’ names on (the rule nowadays is that every kid in the class has to get one so no one feels like a social loser, at least not until they get to junior high) and then watch proudly as Becky prints her own name at the bottom of each. Plus my day job, interspersed with meetings with various business types like lawyers and accountants for the purpose of finally Getting Our Act Together with regard to financial planning and wills, not to mention real estate visits and discussions and wondering if we will get the house we’ve made an offer on...

Hey! I managed to fill out a decent-sized post with the reasons I haven’t posted in a while! And I didn’t even have to make the margins wider! But it wouldn't be complete without a current-events reference to provide context for future grandchildren, so I suggest reading some of the high-toned commentary surrounding Dick Cheney's little hunting accident.

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